Wood County Schools accepts Policy 5202 certified substitute teachers.

1. First, go to WV Learns,, to enroll and complete the 5202 course work (this course is provided at no cost). The course is named Initial Substitute Online Training.

During this time, complete the following steps:

a. In order to do observations in Wood County Schools, you will need a background check done. The link is on the Wood County Schools website at Click on the Human Resources tab at the top, then click the link to “Volunteer” to complete the online background check. This is required prior to starting observation hours.

b. Request an official college transcript to be sent to Wood County Schools’ county certification officer email address, or by US mail to 1210 13th Street, Parkersburg, WV 26101. This will be needed when you apply for certification through the WVDE.

2. Once you’ve completed the initial 5202 coursework, a certificate will be issued by your course facilitator. WCS generally gets an email of these certificates, but you can provide a copy to the Human Resources office once one is issued to you as well. Once this certificate is received AND we have a completed background check on file, you will go on the next scheduled board agenda for approval of observations.

3. After board approval is obtained, you can contact school administrators to request observation hours. When emailing school administrators, please copy in Angie Gant ( and Stephanie Cunningham (

4. When these observation hours are complete, another certificate will be issued to you (and the county) stating you have completed all necessary coursework and observation hours. Once this Substitute Teacher Course Certificate is obtained, then the hiring process and WVDE certification can proceed.

**NOTE: The following two steps should be done concurrently, as we cannot put your name before the board for approval as a professional substitute until we have your online application and your WVDE forms (including transcripts):

5. Apply to be a substitute teacher. Go to Wood County Schools’ website Human Resources-Electronic Application to complete an online application to apply for a substitute teacher position. Go to “All Jobs” and apply for Substitute Teacher.

6. Go to Each application must have an applicant information from attached as well. If WVDE certification has never been held, Form 7 and the required WVDE certification background check will be necessary. Be sure to initial for the background check results to be forwarded to county of employment. You cannot get your background check until after all the paperwork required for application is submitted by the county board of education to WVDE, because a code is necessary to obtain the background check.

Form 2S will need completed if you have a bachelor’s degree or higher from an institute of higher education. Form 2S is a Short-Term Substitute Permit—Defined by WVBE Policy 5202 §126CSR136-6.62 as a licensed educator who temporarily replaces, for 30 or less consecutive instructional days, the person assigned to the educator position.

Form 2L will need completed if your college transcript indicates 12 semester hours of college credit in an endorsement area.Form 2L is a Long-Term Substitute Permit- Defined by WVBE Policy 5202 §126CSR136-6.62 as a licensed educator who temporarily replaces, for more than 30 consecutive instructional days, the person assigned to the educator position.

Online payment will be necessary on the certification website. To submit payment, use a valid credit card (American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa) at

7. Once your name goes through board approval, the county will complete the application process with the state. Once your substitute permit has been approved by the state, the county will send you a packet for new substitute teachers (this includes a contract as well as information to set you up in the callout system).