When does the background check need to be completed and do I initiate it once I have completed the enter program?

The background check to do observations can be done anytime within the current school year.

There is a second more thorough background check required for the substitute certification with WVDE. It cannot be done more than 90 days prior to application. A form 7 will need to accompany it with the area initialed so Wood County Schools will receive the background required for hiring. Form 7 and Form 2S are required to obtain Short Term Substitute certification. An official transcript will be necessary when applying to WVDE for certification. A copy of the completed 5202 training course must be provide. Payment for the certification is online and is required prior to submission of the certification application. For WVDE applications and link to pay the online certification fee go to

What degrees does Wood County Schools require to be a substitute?

Substitutes must have a bachelor's degree in order to complete the certification process.

Does Wood County require a TB test?

No, a TB skin test is not required.

How long does it take for the board of education to give its approval for me to do classroom observations?

Observation is part of the course work required to obtain the training certificate which is then submitted to WVDE to obtain certification. Once Angie Gant has the clear background check results and email from the principal of the school in which you will do observations, she will have your name added to the WCS agenda for approval to complete observation. An email from you would also be helpful indicating where you plan to do the observations and that you have principal approval. Angie’s email address is

How long?

Length of time for the observation to be approved depends when Angie receives all the required documentation to place your name on the board agenda and where we are in the agenda cycle. The board usually meets every other Tuesday. All items for the agenda need to be received by noon of the Thursday prior to the meeting date. The observation background check usually takes only a few days.

Do I contact the schools where I wish to do my observations?

Yes, you need to contact the school administrator to set up classroom observations. Request the principal send Angie Gant an email confirming they have given approval for you to do observations.

How are substitutes assigned? Is it automated, contacted by teacher or principal?

Substitutes are called out using an automated Substitute Employee Management System (SEMS) and by personal contact for prearranged absences. Instructions on how to register with SEMS will be provided in the hiring packet.

Once I have my Short Term substitute certificate what do I need to do to be hired by Wood County Schools?

Assuming Form 7 was completed to release your background check to the school system and your clear background check has been received, you will want to have applied for a substitute teacher position. Go to to complete the application process online through SearchSoft. Complete the professional application. Answer the questions that are applicable. All * items and three valid email references must be completed in order for your application to be valid. The go to “All Jobs” and apply for substitute teacher position. You will be contacted after the job posting closes.

How much does a Short Term Substitute teacher make?

A Short Term Substitute teacher makes approximately $120 per day.