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We value staying connected with you, and accuracy matters to us!

Please inform us if you wish to unsubscribe from any or all forms of communication. Your preferences are greatly important to us!

Why mass calls, texts, and emails?

Wood County Schools employs technology as a means of engaging with parents, guardians, staff members, and the wider community. Periodically, we utilize calls and text messages for the purpose of ensuring that everyone stays well-informed, especially when it comes to crucial information and emergency updates.

How do I know if the call or text is from Wood County Schools?

For calls originating from the central office, the caller ID will display the number (304) 420-9520. Text messages will come from the number 98900. If a call is made from a specific school, the caller ID will reflect the school's primary telephone number. You can readily confirm the school's numbers for accuracy.

I have no children that attend Wood County Schools. Why am I receiving calls or texts?

Regrettably, errors can occur. While we make every effort to input student information with precision, there may be occasions when a number is mistakenly entered into a student record, or you may have recently acquired a phone number that was previously associated with a parent of a student in Wood County Schools.

I do not wish to receive communication from Wood County Schools.

Our objective is to ensure you are well-informed, particularly during emergencies. However, we recognize that calls or texts may not always be suitable for your preferences. You have the option to unsubscribe from any or all of the following: phone calls, texts, and emails, at any time.

Did you previously opt out but would like to opt back into calls, texts, or emails?

Substitute Employee Opt-in for District Calls/Texts

If you are currently employed as a substitute at Wood County Schools, you have the option to subscribe to receive calls and/or texts from the district, including updates on inclement weather and other emergency notifications.

If you are serving as a long-term substitute at a specific school or location, you can request to be included in their notification list by discussing it with the school's principal or your direct supervisor.

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Athletic Coach Opt-in for District Calls/Texts for Weather-related Information

If you are currently employed as an athletic coach at Wood County Schools, you have the option to subscribe to receive calls and/or texts from the district regarding weather-related information.

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