Have a Question or Concern about School Matters?

Welcome to our step-by-step guide to solving problems and getting answers in the Wood County Schools system.

Our Pledge to You

At Wood County Schools, we do our best to ensure our students receive a high quality education in a safe learning environment.

We know there are times, however, when you have questions or concerns involving your child.

It is important for you to follow the proper channels in directing your inquiry. By following the steps outlined, you will avoid possible unnecessary misunderstandings and delays.

If your concern cannot be resolved informally following these five steps, the Conflict Resolution Process for Citizens (WVBOE Policy · Form) can be utilized to resolve your concern.

Section 504 Policies and Procedures

Wood County Schools has revised its Policies and Procedures for Section 504. These can be found here.

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Find a Resolution

Step One

Speak first with the school employee directly involved with the event or decision in question - the teacher, the bus driver, etc. You may find there has been a simple misunderstanding.

Step Two

Talk with the school principal or employee supervisor if necessary.

Step Three

If your question or problem is not resolved by meeting with the principal or supervisor, call the Wood County Schools' Central Office representative who oversees the appropriate area of concern (see list below).

Step Four

Meet with the Superintendent of Schools if you feel the matter is still unresolved after following steps one, two and three.

Step Five

Contact one or more school board members (see list below). Use this action if you feel steps one through four have not resolved your problem.

Central Office Representatives

For names with an extension number, use phone number (304) 420-9670.

Superintendent of Schools
Christie Willis, Ext. 125

Academics & Leadership
Justin Hartshorn, Ext 165

Attendance/Home School
Chris Rutherford, Ext. 157

Early Childhood
Melanie Cutright, Ext. 157

ELA, Arts, Social Studies, World Languages Curriculum
Ashlee Beatty, Ext. 160

Elementary Schools
Heather Grant, Ext. 165

Federal Programs/Title 1
Tammy McKnight, Ext. 133

Justin Bosley, Ext. 167

Food Service
Hollie Best, (304) 420-9631

Information Technology
Jonathan Farley, (304) 420-9510

Insurance & Benefits
Carly Maze, Ext. 146

Health Services
Julie Bertram, Ext. 180

Human Resources
John Merritt, Ext. 152

Martin Best, (304) 420-9568

Math, Science, STEAM, Off-Campus Learning Curriculum
Jason Potts, Ext. 160

Kaleb Lawrence, Ext. 172

Ashley Brown, Ext. 168

Secondary Schools
Kennith Cook, Ext. 165

Special Education & Section 504
Yvonne Santin, (304) 420-9655

Technical Center/Caperton Center
Dr. Jason Hughes, (304) 420-9501

Technology Integration Specialists
Eric Murphy, Ext. 129
Jimmy Stewart, Ext. 129

Chad Bloss, (304) 420-9636

You're Invited!

The Wood County Schools' Board of Education meets at 6:00 p.m. on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month. Meetings are typically held in the Bailey Conference Room in the Board of Education Central Office facility at 1210 13th Street in Parkersburg and online. Call (304) 420-9670, extension 125, to confirm, or check the Wood County Schools events page.

Our School Board Members

Justin Raber
(304) 488-0552

Board Member Vacancy

Judy Johnson
(304) 464-5145

Ron Tice
Vice President
(304) 483-9620

Sarah Townsend
(304) 580-6655

Christie Willis

About Wood County Schools

As we prepare for the incoming classes of Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten students, and the Class of 2024, we begin with great appreciation of our community that has built and supported our schools for generations. Educators, parents, business and community leaders of all ages have come together to build strong schools, which in turn builds strong communities for people to enjoy and thrive. Working together, we have created schools where high expectations lead to all students achieving their goals. We must continue to do more than imagine what our children will do to keep our nation strong. We must ensure that they have the foundational tools they need to carry on the legacy for generations.

As educators in Wood County, we do have challenges that require innovative solutions and decisive actions, but with these challenges comes an opportunity to build a better, more efficient and effective educational delivery system for our students. With great anticipation, we look forward to the year ahead and with your continued support and hard work, we can assist our students in meeting and exceeding their goals.

Thank you for continuing to support our students, educators, and school communities.

Nondiscrimination Policy

As required by state and federal laws, the Wood County Board of Education does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, ancestry, sex, age, blindness or handicap in employment or in its educational policies and activities. Learn more...

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