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PARKERSBURG - Wood County Schools has announced a central platform for communications between teachers, coaches, parents and students.

Wood County Schools will roll out the Rooms platform, which will be integrated into the Wood County Schools' app, starting this summer, initially focusing on coaches and sports programs before gradually integrating teachers in the fall.

By merging conversations from different sources, and establishing a unified platform, Rooms equips teachers and coaches with the necessary tools to provide families with a smooth communication experience that prioritizes student safety. Rooms will be the approved method of communication between adults and students for school, sports and extracurricular activities.

Rooms also will eliminate the use of multiple apps and platforms for communication. Often parents have had to install different apps to keep up to date on different activities. This fall, Rooms will become the main platform for classrooms, sports, clubs and other activities.

More information on the Rooms platform and the Wood County Schools' app will be released in the coming weeks.